Completed / Current ProjectsOwner Contract Value
World Trade Center Oculus$350 Million
2nd Ave – 63rd Street Station$200 Million
East Side Access Plaza Substation$150 Million
Number 7 Line Finishes$500 Million
Jay St / Lawrence St Stations$100 Million
World Trade Center Path Hall$500 Million
Moynihan Station Improvements$150 Million
Far Rockaway 8 Station Rehab$60 Million
Church Ave Signal System Rehab$200 Million
Dyckman St Station Rehab$75 Million
Mother Clara Bus Depot$250 Million
Manhattan Sanitation Garage$100 Million

Technology / Manufacturing

Completed / Current ProjectsOwner Contract Value
Global foundries FAB 8.1 and
$4 Billion
CNSE Albany Nano-Tech Complex$450 Million
Bombardier$100 Million

Water / Waste Treatment Plants

Completed / Current Projects
Owner Contract Value
Croton Water Treatment Plant$1.5 Billion
North River Emergency Repairs$200 Million
Newtown Creek WPCP$300 Million
Tallman Island WPCP$200 Million
Wards Island Grit Chambers$200 Million
Cat / Del UV Filtration Plant$1 Billion
Hunts Point WPCP$50 Million
Bowery Bay WPCP$150 Million
26th Ward WPCP$50 Million


Completed / Current ProjectsOwner Contract Value
Con Edison East River Repowering $300 Million
Poletti Power Plant$500 Million
NRG Oil Tanks and Piping$1 Million
Astoria Energy Phase 1$500 Million
Astoria Energy Phase 2$10 Million
Ravenswood Power Plant$200 Million
NYPA SCR Units$100 Million